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Located in the shadows of Mt. Blanca (Colorado’s 4th tallest peak) on the bank of the trout filled upper Rio Grande River sits one of the most picturesque parks in the nation.  These lots are on a county road, which is maintained when someone lives on it.  The lots are located:  About 17 miles from the county seat, San Luis, the oldest town in Colorado; some 5 miles from Mesita; 8 miles east of Antonito; and 45 miles southeast of Alamosa.


Lots starting at $2,995.00

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The North West Corner of Unit 26 is where Highway 248 and the Rio Grande River intersect.  All lots are within walking distance of the river.

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Lots of fishing and hunting are available, since just west of the Rio Grande River is a National Forest.  Today wild horses still cavort through the valley and forests, even with ski resorts nearby.  National forest BLM land is filled with game. 

These lots are on a county road, which is maintained when someone lives on it.  The lots are located:  about 17 miles from the county seat, San Luis, the oldest town in Colorado;  some 5 miles from Mesita;  8 miles east of Antonito;                                                                               and 45 miles southeast of Alamosa.

A few years ago when I checked, the schools had between 9 and 12 students per classroom.  Its altitude is around 7000 feet, with dry and arid humidity.

It is a fascinating place, out of the Wild Wild West, and a great place to have for a refuge.  The county allows you to bring in your RV and live on your quarter-acre property and even build a storage shed for your RV.  You can see the picture of one already on the lot.

There is a view of the old river bridge, about a thousand feet from the lots (see exhibit D).  This is a single car bridge, which goes through the national park and into Antonito.  You can also see the wood foundation of the old cable bridge, which was built long before you and I were on this planet.  This is the only area along the Rio Grande River which tapers downhill at a slow 5 degree incline.  The other areas have a cliff drop-off of 20 to 30 feet straight down into the river.  If one’s dog falls off the edge, it goes down the river.  Not so with this area.  It is like a beach where one can wade out and go swimming or fishing with fishing boots.  You can use your boat for fishing and you do not need a permit for your boat.  (At least that was true a few years ago.)

Looking at the above picture, one can see an RV parked on one of the lots, about 1/3 up from the bottom on the right.  This are where our lots are located.  These lots go back several miles, but these are near the River, and if you buy one, you will have one near the river and you will also be given a warranty deed.

When looking south, you see the Bridge.  If you are standing on the bridge and looking out to the north, you can experience the flow of the River. 

According to this 2005 article in La Sierra, the official news source for the Costilla County, real estate prices in the area are being driven higher by strong appreciation in property values from Taos, just an hour south.  According to the article, the town of Taos, New Mexico, has become an art mecca, lifestyle center, and tourist destination where wealthy newcomers are eager to buy up land for their dream homes.  High prices in Taos have been pushing growth to the north, where even in Costilla County, two-acre lake front lots are being advertised for $85,000.

With mountain views in all directions, this property is surrounded by some of the best natural recreation in America: San Isabel National Forest, Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Rio Grande National Forest, Rio Grande, Smith Lake (only minutes away), Carson National Forest, etc.  Colorado is known for over 300 sunny days a year!  This property is a paradise for the Outdoor Sportsman as it provides Fishing, Hunting, Golfing, Hiking, Skiing, Snowmobiling, Horseback Riding, Ice Skating, Ice Fishing, and much more!  The famous Rio Grande is only a few miles away!  Costilla County is located in the San Luis Valley of south central Colorado.  The county stretches from the Rio Grande to the top of Blanca Peak, east along the Sierra Grande and south along the spine of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to New Mexico.  These Southern Colorado acreages for sale in Costilla County are located close to the Rio Grand National Forest.  This wilderness area is a great sanctuary in Colorado, nestled in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains and near the Sand Dunes National Park.  Elk, deer, black bears and mountain lions wander our mountains.  Relish the zen of fly fishing.  Streams and lakes abound in cutthroat, rainbow, browns and pike.  For the mountaineer, nine of Colorado’s famous “14ers” grace our Great San Luis Valley.  Four are in Costilla County.   Visit the artists’ village of Jaroso.   Explore Fort Garland, once commanded by Kit Carson.   Find spiritual renewal in the bronzes of the internationally acclaimed Stations of the Cross Shrine in San Luis, Colorado’s oldest town.  Experience the grandeur of the Sand Dunes National Monument near Blanca.   A seeming century or two away from the outside world, Costilla County offers the experience of a lifetime.  Come see where Colorado Began!      

Payment must be paid in FULL, and clear before any documents will be prepared, so please allow up to 2 weeks.  I will send you a copy of the deed that have been sent to San Luis  to be recorded in your name in.  The County Recorder’s Office will then send you the recorded WARRANTY deed.  Please do your due diligence, research, and inspection of the property.

Hello, the Harsh family lives in Western Kansas and have had these lots for thirty years.  We are now making these available to you at a price, which is a win-win for both of us.

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This is the Master Plat Map of the Rio Grande Ranches.  The River runs along the left-hand side.  State Hwy 142 marks the northern boundary of Rio Grande Ranches.  Hwy 248 runs just south of the Rio Grande River Ranches sub-development and connects the area to State Hwy 285 on the north and the River on the west.  Look on the River where it says G Rd on the map.  That is where the lots are located, just above the dotted line.

 Each of the smaller Units is a mile square.  (Click to enlarge.)  We are the only lots on the River where there is good access to the River. 

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